Coat of Arms


The heart of Siberia

Located on the Tom river, Tomsk was founded in 1604 as a military outpost against nomadic bandits. The city was famous for the horse trade – and the horse became the heraldic symbol of the city. Over the years Tomsk was a place of exile, a trade and transportation hub, and the educational center of Siberia.


Some facts you need to know before going to Siberia.

German Eagle

Foreign heritage

The city boasts centers of German, Polish and Tatar culture. The original inhabitants were the Tatar people, while the German and Polish peoples were originally resettled in Siberia by force.

Tomsk University

Academic center

Tomsk is home to Siberia's first university which was founded in 1878. By World War II, one-twelfth of the residents of the city were students, giving rise to the city's informal name―Siberian Athens.


Place of exile

In the 19th century one-fifth of the city's residents were exiles. Later on, during the era of the Soviet Union, this region was full of Gulag labor camps, constructed in the middle of endless taiga forests.


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Eat & Drink


Tomsk beer

Tomsk has a rich beer culture. After the director of the local brewery became the city's mayor, Tomsk opened beer theme parks, new pubs, brewery museum and even have the ice sculptures in the shape of beer bottles during the winter. The beer itself is boasted as being one of the best in Russia, so you better have a try.


Siberian pancakes

Try the Siberian Pancakes (rus. Sibirskie Blini) with various of stuffings – from chocolate with pine nuts to red caviar. They are sold at outlets throughout the downtown area and are the best street food ever made in Tomsk.

See the city Tree Trees

Wooden house

Wooden carvings

Tomsk is well known for its "wooden lace" decoration of traditional wooden houses. Each house, decorated with wooden carvings, some in themes depicting birds or dragons, has a unique design and story. Many of the more elaborate ones have become symbols of the city.


Oldest University

Tomsk has 6 universities. Among them is the Tomsk State University―the oldest university in Siberia. Some campuses were built in the 1800s and are places worth visiting, as well as the University Garden where you can see the Kurgan stelae – the ancient stone portraits of Turkic kings.


Puppet Theatre

This unique theatre is hidden in the old part of the city, tucked away between wooden houses and dachas. Run by roboteer Zakharov, this is the house of one master, his puppets and a computer, which controls the sound, lights and somtimes even the actors. It is a place of mystery and fairytales, where you can see the dark Siberian folklore come alive.

Voskresenskaya mountain

Voskresenskaya Mountain

Voskresenskaya Hill is the legendary location of the city foundation. Now there is the newly rebuilt Fort of Tomsk and Museum of Tomsk history. Voskresenskaya Hill is also the main viewing point in the city—climb the 19th century fire lookout tower to observe the beautiful cityscape in every direction.